For Investors

Rethinking risk and return

BlueChilli builds startups using a process-driven methodology. We aim to reduce the risks and improve the success rates of the startups in our portfolio.

Ways to invest

BlueChilli offer a variety of ways to invest in our portfolio startups to suit your needs, providing opportunities for both direct and diversified holdings in a range of the world's best early-stage technology companies.

1. Pre-seed investment

A reduced-risk approach to investing in great tech startups at the pre-seed round. Pre-seed rounds are typically $50-100k invested into pre-launch startups. Syndicates form around corporate programs to provide funding across startup cohorts.

2. Seed investment

Startups at Seed stage are seeking investment of between $100k-$1M in a company which has launched a product, achieved early business model validation, and are ready to use capital to scale the business.

3. Venture fund

The Venture Fund is a registered (conditional) ESVCLP, an Australian tax-exempt venture capital fund. It invests matching funds in BlueChilli startups which have successfully completed the BlueChilli accelerator program and are raising seed funding.

4. BlueChilli Growth Fund

The BlueChilli Growth Fund is a new venture capital fund with managers in San Francisco and Sydney. It will place Seed, Series A/B and follow-on investments in the best tech startups from BlueChilli and the world's best tech startups.

How we work

BlueChilli’s mandate is to invest in entrepreneurs who have a deep industry or business understanding and a great idea for a startup.

Startups are typically created by non-technical entrepreneurs ("hustlers") partnering with technical entrepreneurs ("hackers").

Without each other, the odds are stacked against them. Non-technical entrepreneurs bring a wealth of industry experience but lack the experience and skills to find the right technical co-founder. Technical entrepreneurs who can build a product often lack the ability to find a market, commercialise and raise investment.

Outside of Silicon Valley, most markets have an abundance of non-technical entrepreneurs and a shortage of experienced technical entrepreneurs. BlueChilli was built to solve this problem.

BlueChilli has a process which identifies key characteristics commonly found in successful entrepreneurs and uses this to filter over 200 new business ideas pitched to us every month.

We provide the founding teams we select with a full product team that provides design, development, product management and growth marketing services, leveraging our own ChilliSource framework, to create new startup products very rapidly.

ChilliSource is the underpinning of all the startups in our portfolio, optimised to save time and money in developing prototypes, Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and Commercially-Viable Products (CVP).

While product development takes place we turn entrepreneurs from other industries into new tech startup founders, with a full-time startup accelerator program called 'The 156'.  The 156 curriculum is a training program that takes a founding team through the 156 most important decisions and actions to take a startup from idea to Series A investment.

We bring investment input from global brands seeking participation in the disruption of their own industries. We also work with investors at pre-seed, seed and venture capital stages to meet their needs for risk-mitigated startup deal flow.

In effect, BlueChilli operates from education to exit with leading entrepreneurs.

Startup investments are risky

Chart showing reasons for startup failure, largest reason is no product market fit


The causes of startup failure can largely be grouped into four areas: Team, Technology, Traction (product market fit) and Tender (cash). BlueChilli directly addresses these  through our risk mitigation framework.  The result is a faster and more efficient process to identify needs, establish tests and pilots, and commercialise ideas. 

We mitigate these risks

Team risk

Our 156 Accelerator program codifies the journey of a startup — from idea to independence — and provides a scalable model for training startup and innovation teams through a gated selection process.

Technology risk

The ChilliSource framework enables concepts to be realised quickly on a scalable technology platform by an inhouse, expert team.

Capital risk

By investing capital through a competitive gated process, only the best ideas with the best chance of commercial success are funded.

Traction risk

We draw on the market expertise of our corporate partners because their needs are a useful proxy for the market. We are therefore more likely to select viable ideas for development and commercialisation.

We produce successful startups

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