BlueChilli Growth Fund

Seeking expressions of interest

Fund Strategy

The Fund will invest in the leading companies coming out of the BlueChilli funnel, leveraging BlueChilli’s inclusive, broad and expanding global network and process-driven risk-mitigation platform. The Fund’s investments will support entrepreneurs solving generation-defining challenges in health, agriculture, cybersecurity, and “smart-cities,” among others, as they bring their companies to scale and broaden their markets.

The key tenets of the Fund’s investment strategy are projectability, scalability and risk mitigation. The fund will:

  • Invest in proven early stage ventures with strong business models (Seed/Series A);
  • Leverage global valuation arbitration with investments that pre-date and anticipate bringing startups to the US for growth;
  • Mitigate the risk of investments through BlueChilli’s open innovation framework;
  • Focus on scalable capital-efficient technology startups with founders demonstrating strong market knowledge (and existing markets/customer base)


The Fund will leverage its partnership with tech incubator/accelerator BlueChilli to invest in capital-efficient technology focused startups.  BlueChilli provides the technical and operational expertise and connects founders with corporates and investors, enabling our entrepreneurs to efficiently build the companies whose technologies can help solve the world’s greatest challenges.

The Fund will capitalise on BlueChilli’s risk mitigation framework, opportunity funnel, screening and selection, structured software development, education, incubation, acceleration and businesses development process to access high growth potential early stage investment opportunities.

The fund will:

  • Provide investors with unique access to global high-growth capital-efficient technology-focused startups;
  • Leverage BlueChilli’s risk mitigation framework to support early stage companies as they gain traction, build technology, train team members and raise capital
  • Benefit from BlueChilli’s portfolio of Australian start-ups, and capitalise on the valuation arbitration available by making investments as these companies prepare to access US capital and markets.