Below is a list of frequently asked questions, specific to the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator that address the following topics:


What key health challenges are you looking for applicants to solve?

We are looking for ambitious aspiring and early stage founders that can rise up to the health challenges of Southeast Asia and build startups that dramatically improve the region’s needs for:

  1. Healthier populations: health-wellness, prevention, early diagnosis and management of chronic diseases and non-communicable diseases;
  2. Patient-centred care outcomes: access to primary care and timely interventions, enabling continuity of care and increasing efficiency of clinical resources; or
  3. Aged health and long-term care: maintenance and improvement of physical mobility, mental and cognitive health, support for ageing-related health challenges such as dementia care especially in community settings.

Solutions need to appreciate the context of Southeast Asia (e.g. low clinical resources and need to keep cost low) and ultimately be able to build traction in the regional market.  

What do I need for the application process?

Your new ideas! We recommend that you think about how to communicate your idea, so that it is clear and shows us that you have thought about how to approach the problem you’re addressing.

The application will involve answering questions on a form where you will outline your understanding of the problem and your thoughts on a potential solution.

What questions will I be asked?

All questions are for us to understand the problem you want to solve, your bold idea that looks to solve the problem and why you are the person best placed to build something new.

Once you register to apply with your name and email, we will send you the list of questions for you to copy to a text editor to answer in your own time.

We recommend taking at least one hour to draft your answers and ensure you have included all relevant information in your application form. Then copy and paste your final answers into the form before submitting.

When do applications close?

Applications close on Tuesday 16 July at 23:00 SGT.

Does my idea have to involve using new technology?

At BlueChilli, we believe tech can help create global, scalable solutions to problems. If you have an idea, and you think technology could help you bring your idea to life, we’d like to hear from you. We love working with founders who are passionate about problem solving and are open to exploring the ways that technology can help them achieve their goals.

What is a HealthTech startup?

HealthTech startups harness the power of technology to radically improve individual and community health outcomes by providing greater accessibility, affordability and transparency of information and solutions.

Products or services could cover diagnostics, disease management, health monitoring and rehabilitative needs of individuals and be delivered directly to consumers or healthcare providers. The solutions are inclined to leverage on technology features such as increasing computational power of portable devices, maturing cloud-based infrastructure, decreasing cost of sensors and proliferation of data to achieve these goals. This is also where BlueChilli can provide great value add to the ecosystem using our capabilities and experience as an established tech venture builder.

In BlueChilli’s alumni of founders, we have startups that leverage a range of emerging technologies that solve some of society's biggest problems - including those in health. Here are just a few examples:

  • Alixir: A Medical diagnostics and informational platform utilising deep learning and natural language processing to train a computer to think and reason like a doctor. Alixir will be able to answer medical questions, interpret images of skin, x-rays and laboratory tests, and provide meaningful and accurate guidance.
  • TalkiPlay: A real-world language playground where spaces come to life through technology, engaging children in a hands-on exploration of the world around them. Using an integration of kid- friendly hardware with smartphone software, TalkiPlay makes learning language fun for children and simple for parents.
  • Pioneera: A digital platform using natural language processing and machine learning for the early identification and reduction of workplace stress.
  • Theratrak: A mobile app that allows therapists to capture and digitise meaningful information in therapy sessions then use this data to prescribe, monitor and track their client's therapy home programs.


Who can apply to the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator?

The programme is open to anyone based in Southeast Asia who is passionate about solving a problem in the health and wellness industry - no technical or startup experience required. We believe diversity leads to more innovative problem solving and decision making, so we look for founders with diverse experiences, skills, cultures and perspectives. Most people apply with just an idea, and BlueChilli provides participants with the startup resources they’ll need help to build and launch their startups.

Can I apply to the programme if I don’t have startup experience?

Absolutely. You do not need to have a team, a product, or previous startup or tech experience to apply for the programme. You can start with just an idea.

Can I apply with more than one idea?

Yes, you can apply with however many ideas you’d like. You will need to submit a different application for each of your ideas – and make sure you give them different names.

The evaluation of the entries will be done by a judging panel that won’t have access to your personal details or demographic information. If after selecting the top 50 applications and matching them with their personal details we realise you’ve been selected with more than one idea, we’ll invite you to the bootcamp with the one that scored the highest.

What ideas are suitable for the programme?

The mission of the programme is to build and launch successful Healthtech startups that can rise to address health challenges in Southeast Asia, dramatically improving health outcomes in the region and globally.

You don’t have to be experienced in the tech or startup industry to apply. The founders that usually go through the BlueChilli accelerator program are experts in their field who have experienced or witnessed a problem that they want to solve. In this case, we are looking for aspiring and early-stage founders from the region who have deeply relevant experience and insights for the health problems they are passionate in solving. Ideally, you should have done some work in your professional or personal capacity digging deep into the problem worth solving as you explore a potential solution. The solution can be in its early stage of conceptualisation or development, you are open to iterating your solution based on market needs and validation.

We will lower barriers for you to build HealthTech startups through BlueChilli’s complementing capabilities in technology and venture development.

Do I need to have a business set up already?

No. In fact, the programme is best suited to people with early-stage ideas that will benefit from validating their idea before spending money on setting up a company structure. As part of the programme, we can help you set up your business.

I already have a startup, can I apply?

Sure! If you’re an early stage startup you’re more than welcome to apply with your idea. We love taking ideas from napkin to market and everything in between.

Do I need a team to apply?

No. You can apply as an individual or a team. The programme is designed to help you go from idea to launch, and then support you to build the right team when your company is ready to grow.

Do I need to be from Singapore or a permanent resident to apply?

No. The programme is open to anyone located in Southeast Asia. To be eligible for the programme, you must incorporate your business in Singapore and be able to attend regular programme activities in Singapore.


How are applications assessed?

After applications close on Tuesday 16th July 23:00 SGT, we screen the ideas for eligibility, with evaluation broadly based on the problem, the opportunity and the team. We look for the strongest applications that can demonstrate why their idea represents a real opportunity, that the right time for execution is now, and that they are the best person to make it happen.

From hundreds of applications, up to 50 finalists will be invited to participate in a two-week bootcamp in Singapore where they will be challenged by the startup experts at BlueChilli on the feasibility and viability of their ideas.

Founders who successfully complete the bootcamp and demonstrate the right characteristics will then pitch to a selection committee from the startup community for a place in the programme.

What happens if I am selected as a finalist for the bootcamp?

You will be invited to take part in a rapid two-week bootcamp in Singapore where you’ll learn about startups, validation, pitching, business models, growth and many other topics to help you get more clarity on the potential of your ideas. The bootcamp consists of masterclasses, workshops, individual and group activities, and mentoring sessions with BlueChilli Entrepreneurs in Residence, Product Managers, Developers, and Advisors. At the conclusion of the bootcamp, the winning startups will be invited into the programme.

At least one (co-)founder needs to be available to attend the bootcamp in-person in Singapore on:

  • 17-18 August face-to-face (Sat + Sun)
  • 30-31 August pitch days + showcase (Fri + Sat)

What happens if I am not selected for the bootcamp and/or programme?

Our goal is not just to find and fund the best ideas, but also to grow the pool of entrepreneurs focused on cutting edge technology solutions. For those not selected for the bootcamp, we recommend using BlueChilli's free online startup training, StartupU so you can keep progressing your idea and reapply in the future.

The Programme

What do I get for being a part of the programme?

The programme offers an attractive proposition to early-stage startups to immerse with a team of 30+ startup experts at BlueChilli who have mentored over 1,000 founders, and invested in and built 130+ startups together. Selected founders gain access to:

  • Expertise including an assigned Product Manager/Entrepreneur-in-Residence, market-proven curriculum and a cohort of peers
  • Access to subject matter experts and customers to validate your idea
  • Introductions to a global network of investors to help you raise capital and accelerate growth

These are the key dates of the programme when we will require at least 1 co-founder to be present in-person in Singapore. The dates for the bootcamp are confirmed, the dates for the accelerator are tentative and will be confirmed with shortlisted applicants after the bootcamp.

What are the key dates of the programme?

  • Applications Open: 28 May 2019
  • Applications Close: 16 July 2019 (11pm SG Time)

Bootcamp for shortlisted finalists: 17 August to 31 August 2019

  • Immersion: 17-18 August (Sat + Sun) 2019
  • Online: 23 August (Fri) 2019
  • Pitch days + showcase: 30-31 August (Fri + Sat) 2019

Do I have to pay for product development?

If our team helps you build your first product, we earn “sweat equity” in your company by loaning you a team of tech and startup experts to help you validate, build and launch your product. You would have the benefit of working closely through a series of sprints, with outputs agreed between the Product Manager, Entrepreneur-in-Residence and you.

What if I have my own product / technical team?

No problem! We are experienced working with teams who already have some of their own technical capability. Many of those startups choose to augment their existing capabilities with those of our team as we have 30+ people that you can draw experience from across a range of disciplines. We offer startups in the programme the flexibility to work with the EIRs and Product Managers to figure out exactly what you need, so we can help you get to success faster.

How does it work if I don’t live in Singapore during the programme?

You are not required to be full-time in Singapore for the duration of the programme. However, we do host immersion sessions in person (please see above for dates) that take place in Singapore to bring the cohort together for optimum shared learning and opportunities.

Still have unanswered questions? 

If your question is not answered above, email the BlueChilli team at