BenchOn solves employee underutilisation in contract based industries through a B2B Talent Mobility Platform, that matches idle staff to short-term contracts with reputable companies and government agencies.

BenchOn has had a whirlwind start! In less than 16 months of trading they have grown to serve more than 300 corporate clients including an impressive stable of companies like Westpac, KPMG, Origin Energy and SAAB.

More than $50M worth of contracts have been processed through the BenchOn platform, with impressive monthly growth. Having started in Defence Industry, they have already branched into IT, Professional Services, Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, Finance and Marketing with an aim to support all Australian industries.

A Snapshot of the BenchOn Business Intelligence Dashboard


The product vision

BenchOn aims to create a new pool of skilled labour for Australian business, from under-utilised workers within professional organisations. By creating a safe place for employees to be exchanged on a contract basis, matches can be made within industries that never would have been possible.

Assembling a fluid marketplace is no small feat. In order to maintain fluidity – where both parties are getting what they need, it is crucial to limit the variants within the market, before scaling up. BenchOn is mitigating these risks in the following ways:

Limit Locality team focuses on. Initially, BenchOn will focus on Brisbane/QLD area

Roles: Initially companies and candidates pursued will be within Engineering, Project Management and Logistics Areas.

Supply is key in marketplaces. Having jobs will bring the companies with “benched” employees to the marketplace so the focus is to get the job form up and running ASAP to start approaching key industry partners


The functions

360° rating system

Assures and promotes the quality of your business and your employees.

Secure and confidential

Rest easy knowing your proprietary information is reliably protected.

Set availabilities

Easily nominate when your employees are available.

Free job requests

Gain access to skilled, available professionals when you need them.

What BenchOn Customers Say… 

We were struggling to find the right sub-contractor. It looked like we were going to have to turn down work. We put the contract through BenchOn and had a match the same day! The company provided such a high quality professional, our client actually increased the seniority of their position and extended the contract. BenchOn has become a regular part of our sourcing processes.” – Mr Keith Armstrong, Managing Director of Noventus

“As sub-contractors, keeping the pipeline full is a constant challenge. The BenchOn team do all the hard work of finding the opportunities for us. For our last job, BenchOn connected us with a great contractor and it has opened more doors for us for future work. Working with BenchOn is seamless; we see them as integral partners in growing our business.” – Mr Tim Keefe, Director of Professional Mastery

How BlueChilli has worked with BenchOn 

“BlueChilli have been instrumental in getting BenchOn where it is today. As a non-technical founder, BlueChilli taught us/me everything we would need to know and provided a team of developers, marketing professionals and business advisors which allowed us to develop an MVP and start earning revenue.

BlueChilli has the benefit of hindsight, having helped start so many companies, which we found invaluable to preventing us learning lessons the hard way. Nearly 2 years later, they are still our biggest cheer squad and we feel very much part of the family.”

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