Writing is something that fundamentally sets humans apart from all other animals. We learn to draw and then turn our childhood etchings into words. Words communicate who we are, what we think, what we believe in, and how we’d like to see our world. Writing is truly remarkable: the words of poets, story tellers, policy makers and agents of change shape the world we live in. The tools we use to write need to reflect this remarkable human activity and make it pleasurable.

Writers require lots of things when they write: research, references, notes, images, collaboration, and so on. The need to jump around from tool to tool distracts a writer from their fundamental activity: writing something incredible. We seek to remove the ‘noise’ to enable writers to focus on sculpting their story.

Referencing other peoples work is a fundamental ethic of honouring those that have written before us. Over the years, the desire to adopt this ethic has become a technical nightmare; a compliance challenge. We aim to restore the role of referencing to the art of finding relevant material that enhances our story-telling, and make it simple to honour the ethic of acknowledging those that have informed us: our sources.

The writing tools we use are old-fashioned and belong to a bygone era. We spend more time formatting our documents to make sure they ‘look’ professional, than carefully constructing our story. We understand that a professional looking document conveys a certain image and is important for written communication. However, we position style as subservient to story; making it an afterthought rather than a forethought.

Not all of us know how to construct our story. And those that do have developed their own methods, tips and tricks to make writing efficient and easier. Underpinning the education agenda is the desire to develop lifelong learners, to acknowledge our thirst for understanding and helping others learn. A writing community is essential to supporting the writing endeavour and enhancing every individuals desire to be an awesome writer.

Knowledge increases our innovative potential and drives evolution. Education was founded by Philosophers who freely dispersed their wisdom to others. Currently, there are prohibitive costs associated with accessing published research that restricts fair and reasonable access to those that can’t afford to pay. These costs are driving the education budget ever higher, leading to increased education fees that fosters class discrimination. We will drive a new business model that radically reduces the cost to publish quality research thereby enabling the education dollar to be more wisely spent.