The pitch

Folktale is an all-in-one solution which gives even the most technically challenged user the ability to create beautiful and meaningful videos in minutes. It simplifies the process of video creation and enables stories to be told quicker and easier than ever before.


Three iPhone screenshots encapsulating the slick menu interface and shooting interface of the Folktale app

The product vision

Engaging video content is difficult to produce – as well as expensive; most creative agencies don’t work with projects less than $10K. Yet, as social media changes, the appetite for video – produced faster and cheaper – is growing exponentially by the day.

This was created after undergoing a rigorous competitor and industry analysis, content and social media channel review and keyword research. This data and research driven approach meant that Folktale had the reassurance that they were targeting the right verticals with appropriate messaging in the best possible channels.

Work is ongoing with Folktale and the Marketing Services team on PPC and advertising campaigns, social media and content strategies and website and customer analysis to optimise and deliver the best value possible to the team.

The people who feel this pain most are content producers, bloggers and SME’s – or anyone who wants to make a video worth sharing!

Folktale seeks to make a way for people to easily create engaging video content, guided by creative experts. Using an interactive experience to navigate the user through the process, anyone will be able to create an engaging video.

When Folktale were ready to begin the journey of customer acquisition, the BlueChilli Marketing Services team developed a go to market roadmap and strategy for launch.

The functions

  • Choose a story template to guided what shots to take
  • Record in-app, or import video from your phone
  • Trim and compile videos into a continuous clip, with end tag and music
  • Publish, share, or export

Guided by the Folktale platform, our vision is to connect the world through video.

Today, the power of video is evident. Embedding a video in an email increases click-through rates by 200-300%, including a video on a landing page increase conversion rates by up to 80%. By 2019, it’s estimated that 72% of all mobile traffic will be video content. This is less than three years away.

The problem that most businesses face that creating good quality video content is techincally difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

What is the cost to a business for not sharing its story?

Folktale is a powerful platform that enables businesses to tell their stories. Storytelling is being enabled thanks to technology.

2017 Winner Good Design Award for best App Design