We love the work that charities and not-for-profits do.

Our team have all raised money for charitable causes. However, like a lot of people, we got frustrated with the limitations of the software products available to raise money online – and the high fees charged to donors and not-for-profits. So we decided to fix the problem!

We’re here to help you. We want to help you raise more money and reduce your costs to fundraise. In turn, that helps the awesome cause you represent do more good in our society.

We define success for Grassrootz based on how many people’s lives have been improved because of the work we do.

Let’s make a difference, together.

The pitch

Grassrootz is simply the best software application you can use to run your online fundraising.

Three iPhone screenshots showcasing the fundraising experience through the payments page, campaign overview and thank you page

The product vision

Online fundraising wasn’t in a great state. Technology seemed to get in the way, transaction fees were remarkably high and not-for-profits felt “locked in” to a couple of providers only because alternatives didn’t exist.

Grassrootz was borne out of having to deal with that experience first hand.

And as such, after validating this with a range of not-for-profits, our initial product vision was to:

  • Deliver a world class user experience which was clean and intuitive
  • Showcase the not-for-profit’s brand throughout the user’s journey
  • Deliver unbeatably low transaction fees through using the latest technology

Our first major release hit home with not-for-profits in a big way, and we were able to process tens of thousands of dollars just off our first few campaigns.

And in working with new and existing customers to build out exactly what they need, we’ve hit our first $100k month within just a few months of launch – and are now set to power fundraising for the Sydney Running Festival and other major events in 2017.

MacBook displaying the fundraising overview page on the desktop

The functions

Efficient user experience

By stripping fundraising back to it’s bare essentials we were able to deliver an experience that “just works” for all fundraisers across all devices, regardless of the not-for-profit they supported.

Showcase the not-for-profit’s brand

By pulling just a little information from each not-for-profit’s account we were able to deliver a premium, branded experience to all of their fundraisers and donors.

Unbeatably low transaction fees

Our tight payment engine allows us facilitate transactions and bank transfers with minimal operationaloverhead, meaning we can pass on unbeatably low rates to our not-for-profit customers.

Integrate into a range of systems

Grassrootz integrates into a range of CRM, email, accounting and other systems to automate tasks with incredible accuracy and in doing so keep our not-for-profit customers doing what they do best.

Two iPhone screenshots showcasing the payments page and thank you page