Guide App

Guide is an app-building platform for community oriented businesses and organisations, like business networks, coworking spaces and social initiatives. Using the platform, it’s possible to very quickly launch a branded, hyper-local app to engage, grow and understand your community.

“Guide App allowed us to launch our app very quickly into the App Stores and immediately start connecting our members with local environmental initiatives and events. We saved tens of thousands of dollars using their system, instead of having to build one from scratch, and as a result we can offer our interactive local green sustainability guide to the ACT community for free, all thanks to their software.” – Lily, The Neighbourhood Effect.

The Guide team believes by giving the community sector a space to call their own; to engage, build and monetise their audience, it’s possible to supercharge their initiatives and make a happier, healthier and more environmentally responsible world.

About the founder:

Guide was founded by Claire Sawyers, ex-BlueChilli Chief Product Officer (2018). A think-outside-the-box problem-solver and champion for community; Claire founded her first company; DonateNZ, when she was 21. A first of its kind, the online goods donation marketplace marketplace facilitated donations of over 220,000 items to community organisations. It was during this time Claire saw the power making connections could have in the community.

After a decade of working in some of Australia’s most successful tech startups, Claire saw the thing same happening time and time again; astronomical technical builds of websites and apps, used for one season and thrown away. This motivated her to start Guide App, a codeless, affordable, platform for launching micro-social networks for communities.