HOUSL was created to take advantage of emerging technologies and improve an outdated and cumbersome rental property application process.

Utilizing a QR code that is specifically assigned to a rental property, applicants are able to scan the QR code with their smart phone while inspecting a rental property and submit an application prior to even leaving the property.

Through their web portal, agents then receive all applications for the property in one convenient place.

With Deloitte’s new greenID solution integrated into the HOUSL application process, applicants are also able to complete their 100 point ID check prior to submitting their rental application. greenID complies with the Electronic Verification requirements of the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing (AML/CTF) legislation, and is the fastest, most accurate solution available.

Through the use of these emerging technologies, HOUSL will also play a significant role in helping the environment. Currently there are approximately 15,000,000 sheets of paper used in the rental application process each year.

In order to create the 15,000,000 sheets of paper, 5,000 fully mature tree’s must be cut down and over 4 Olympic Swimming pools worth of fresh water must be used in the process of manufacturing the paper. The paper manufacturing process also puts out approximately 510 tons of Co2 into the atmosphere which is the equivalent of a single 6 cylinder car travelling 1,425,000 kilometers or 1800 round trips from Sydney to Perth.

Using emerging technologies to streamline an inefficient system and at the same time help the environment is what HOUSL is all about.

Housl has raised capital and achieved independence with it’s own development and management team.