HowAboutEat is an online food delivery service focusing on easy and fast orders for lunch office deliveries.

Our mission at HowAboutEat is to ensure employees never skip lunch again, with the goal to improve employees’ wellbeing and satisfaction at the workplace. We do so by offering them the easiest and fastest way to order lunch and get it delivered at work. We do so by allowing them to get lunch delivered at work in the fastest and easiest possible way – by simply replying “Yes” to a text.

According to a study from the Australia Institute, 3.8M Australians regularly skip lunch at work with no affordable and simple options to get lunch delivered at work. With 1 in 3 employees settling for the same meal most days˄, forced by routine, and 72% of workers being time-poor and having lunch at their desks ˄, there is a strong need to bring variety and convenience to the work place. On the other hand, with no established online office lunch delivery service, restaurants cannot reach those potential customers that are trapped at their desks. We solve all these problems, allowing employees to try different food every day in a convenient way and helping restaurants reach-out to them.