I’ll Pay

Imagine shopping online and being able to submit an offer direct to the store you’re shopping at, your own personal negotiator – Welcome to I’ll Pay.

But I’ll Pay wasn’t born from the shopper perspective, it was designed back when Darren and his wife Amy owned their own retail store. “We were losing sales online because of price. Competitor stores were selling below recommended retail price and there was no way of communicating with the shopper or vice-versa. We wanted the opportunity to match or negotiate with our shoppers when needed. We didn’t want to be discounting our entire store all the time because that’s not how you make money, but every now and then no matter what business you’re in, you can have a bad week or a bad month and discounting a few sales here and there or pricing matching with competitors can help with cash flow. It’s all about taking the shoppers money when they’re ready to buy, otherwise they will spend it somewhere else.”

Finally when I’ll Pay was put into the hands of the shopper, I’ll Pay really started taking shape. “We knew we had to listen to our users or shoppers, as they are what drive your business and without them you might as well shut the door, so we’ve been listening to them and adding features as we go. Now I’ll Pay is an amazing system that allows shoppers to submit offers through our platform direct to the store their shopping at and if that store doesn’t want to do the deal, the system will find a store that does.

It’s fantastic and we’re loving the journey…