It is often said that great improvement and change to an Industry usually comes from ideas outside of it’s own Industry. That’s why we sourced a group of market leading technology, telecommunication, and media experts, as well as leaders in online businesses, to team up with some very experienced financial services veterans, to form Lime.

The Company is called ‘Lime’ – an acronym for what we stand for, ‘Life Insurance Made Easy’. Lime is an all Australian Company that has been formed to break the current mould in how Life Insurance is sold in Australia, and in so doing, address the chronic underinsurance epidemic in our country. We are not a Life Insurance company. We simply provide you with Life Insurance advice online and have chosen one of the largest Life Insurers called AIA Australia to provide the cover.

It’s simple, and you will have peace of mind at claim time. We are new. We are different. We hope you see us being different in a ‘finally I understand Life Insurance, and it was all so easy’ kind of way.

LIME is backed by the world’s largest re-insurers and complies with all relevant legislation.