Designed for the exciting world of yacht racing, MySail helps sailing teams get their crew sorted, fast and build a winning race team.

MySail is the premier crew management, communication and connection platform in Australia solving the ever-frustrating crewing challenge for racing yachts.

MySail is looking to solve an even bigger challenge of helping the marine – and specifically sailing – industry connect and transact, MySail is becoming the LinkedIn for sailing, in Australia and around the world.

What problem does MySail solve?

Racing yachts generally sail with 8 to 20 crew members, and require a specialised skill set on-board in order to be competitive and race safely. Managing these crew members and finding the right mix of crew to make a solid race team can be a complete nightmare for the person managing the yacht.

MySail offers two integrated functions to make this easy:

  1. Crew Management – to quickly schedule races, communicate with crew, track crew availability and assign race positions, all in one place.
  2. Connect – to find sailors matched with the requirements of the race yacht, and build a solid race team.

MySail platform

How BlueChilli has worked with MySail 
BlueChilli has provided a basis to start our company and navigate the complexities of the start-up ecosystem. Through MySail’s partnership with BlueChilli, we have be able to learn from the mistakes and successes of a rich community of start-up founders and advisors, and leverage established processes that save us time, money and potential mistakes.

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