Our data helps city-makers across Australia understand the unique identity and local nuances of communities.

Since launching our Beta product in Oct 2017, we have worked with over 50 clients on more than 200 sites across Australia.

Our database covers the entire inhabited area of Australia, as well as a number of major international locations. Not only have we developed an unprecedented data set about the social life of neighbourhoods, but our data is now being used to understand how our cities contribute to the social sustainability of our communities.

Data for City Development

Getting urban development right is one of the greatest contemporary challenges, with most of the world’s population now living in cities. You don’t have to look far to see examples of places that just don’t work. Tall apartment towers that no-one wants to live in, or new suburbs where people don’t know their neighbours.

This happens because property developers rely on inadequate data sources such as the census, or focus groups to make important decisions about community values and identity.

Neighbourlytics solves this problem by translating big data into dynamic, granular and unsolicited insights into what makes places unique. More powerful than user surveys, big data enable us to map and measure social insights anytime, anywhere.

What Neighbourlytics customers say…

“The simple reports give our local chamber of commerce members insights into business and trends locally. Social listening is increasingly important in the smart places conversation and Neighbourlytics is a really simple way to start this process.” — Stephanie Kelly, Manager – Place Management at City of Canada Bay, Sydney

How BlueChilli has worked with Neighbourlytics

  • Intro to Startup land: We had been exploring how tech could help us achieve our business goals for years, but we had no idea where to start. Being part of SheStarts exposed us to the fundamentals of what’s possible and was critical in getting us started
  • Product: We had lofty ambitions about what our product needed to do, but they were completely untested. Working in a structured way with the BC team taught us how to challenge our own thinking and build a viable prototype to take to market
  • Network: The best part of being part of SheStarts was the network that came with it. As non-technical founders the networks that we have built through the program have been a key part of our success to date.

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