OTHERA (Over the Horizon Event Risk Analysis) is a credit decisioning and risk analysis tool that provides businesses and lenders with a faster, simpler and more successful strategy for achieving finance approval and managing credit risk.

OTHERA’s online credit tool takes less than 5 minutes to use and is unlike any other as it uses a business’s own accounting data for credit decisioning. The credit calculator performs bank-style calculations and the resulting report provides businesses and lenders with a more accurate prediction of the creditworthiness of a business.

OTHERA’s credit calculator and Lender-Connect service helps businesses who require finance to predict their likelihood of loan approval and be matched to a lender who is most likely to approve the loan on the best terms. This results in a greater chance of success and removes the need for endless research and ‘loan shopping’ which can jeopardise a business’s official credit rating.

For lenders, OTHERA provides a credit decisioning engine that can be customised to reflect a lender’s credit underwriting standards. When used as an automated pre-qualification and risk analysis tool, it helps lenders to filter and pre-qualify more loan applications in less time. The risk analysis feature then enables lenders to manage borrower default risk in real time.