Quick Safety is solving compliance, risk and safety issues in the electrical industry. Quick Safety reduces costs, provides complete transparency, validates compliance, shows real-time progress, as well as 5 years storage.

It’s hard to believe, but electricians around Australia and New Zealand are still filling out paper-based electrical safety certificates each time they complete a job. This is frustrating for the electrician, a huge admin overhead for the business, and exposes both the electrician and the business to regulatory risk due to incomplete and lost certificates, or failure to store certificates for the required 5-year period.

Quick Safety solves this problem, enabling electricians to complete safety certificates quickly and easily on their mobile device, securely storing the completed certificates for access by the electrician, the company, and regulatory bodies for 5 years.

Pre-Launch & Launch 21 September 2018

Anywhere electricians are – Quick Safety is there! We work with Electrical Contractors, Construction Companies, Mining Companies, Oil & Gas Companies, and the State Electrical Regulators.

With more than 1,000 pre-launch customers, plus a major construction companies trial on 42 “test” sites, Tier 1 mining interest, and the WA State Electrical Regulator Inspectors, Quick Safety will hit the ground running.

When we launch on app stores on 31st July 2018, we will have Australia and New Zealand’s first AS/NZS3000 Certified compliance app and portal.

Video from Oct 2016 where CEO & Founder, Kurt, describes the features and benefit of QuickSafety.

How BlueChilli has worked with QuickSafety

“BlueChilli’s Accelerator program gave me the start-up support, confidence, and technical expertise to follow through with my idea and meant that we could gain traction quickly and efficiently. Because of the program and its mentors, we were able to launch a product that was attractive to investors.

The continued touch points we have access to are a greatly valuable resource to us. From mentors to marketing, and everything in between, they have been a pivotal part in Quick Safety getting to market, connecting with investment opportunities, and being a part of the Quick Safety family.” 


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