The product vision

As workplace’s move to an open plan ‘activity based working’ environment, property managers are challenged with ensuring effective utilisation of the space, and for employees, ensuring the experience is seamless and they can access space with ease when they need it.

With SpaceConnect, employees are able to easily manage their desk and meeting room bookings by automatically booking space as and when they need it.

SpaceConnect also automatically checks them in and out and automatically makes space available if there is a no-show using iBeacon and Ambient Intelligence technology.

For property managers, this means real-time live insights in how space is been utilised. Our space utilisation algorithms also predict future space requirements based on current usage and future demands.

The functions

Automated desk & meeting room bookings

When a user arrives at a space, if available, SpaceConnect will automatically book the space for the user without the need to manually complete a booking form and verify the space availability.

Real-time & predictive movement technology

As users book and utilise space, SpaceConnect automatically captures usage and provides real-time insights on how each space is being utilised. Our predictive movement model calculates future space requirements based on current and future demands.

Automated user & space management

For existing bookings, SpaceConnect will know if a user has arrived or finished with their booking and automatically check them in and out. If they don’t turn up, they will be alerted that the space has been made available for others to book and use.