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About BlueChilli

We're a global company focused on empowering entrepreneurs to do awesome things.

Our purpose

We connect entrepreneurs with corporates and investors to solve the world's greatest challenges with technology.

We help entrepreneurs design and build their pilot products in exchange for equity. We also typically invest up to $50,000 from our partners and VC fund(s) and provide training through our ‘156’ program supported by a team of full time entrepreneurs in residence (EIR).

We are a team of 35 people with deep knowledge in achieving product-market fit, raising capital and establishing pilots. We have substantial expertise in development for web and mobile, as well as experienced senior people in product management and marketing. We are privately backed by some of the most respected family offices in Australia and the US.

We invest in non-coding entrepreneurs who hold deep domain knowledge in their chosen industry (we look for founder-market fit) and we look for companies which have strong operational models. We then help our startups raise follow-on funding from our investor community and venture capital funds as well as help them hire their own engineering teams. We typically invest up to $250,000 in selected later stage companies on a follow-on basis. By connecting with our corporate partners to set up pilot trials, we help startups gain commercial traction.

People purpose passion

Our people

The BlueChilli team is a collection of rare finds: awesome people with experience from the frontline of startups and disruptive technology to the top end of town.

Our story

BlueChilli was established by Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin in Sydney, Australia in 2012.

Sebastien, a serial entrepreneur, started his career as a weapons engineer in the Australian Navy. There he learned how defence force training equips participants to deal with extreme uncertainty with relatively predictable outcomes. Sebastien believed this same approach could be applied to startups: give founders the tools and knowledge to make highly effective decisions in the face of the uncertainty. Reducing risk, yet empowered individuals in the field.

Since then we have evolved our model six times and have employed over 50 people to meet the emerging and changing needs of entrepreneurs around the world.  BlueChilli's team has been built on the foundations of a strong culture of smart-creatives who share common values with strong social motivations.