Originally from Brazil, Alex has an extensive design experience across different industries. From print to digital, working for magazine and book publishers, design studios and agencies, Alex has worked with a range of different stakeholders and different user needs to solve and now he brings the experience to assist startups at BlueChilli.

Alex is passionate about designing and solving problems to create meaningful products that can make a difference in how people work and relate. Alex’s keen interest in all things design related and his experience in a range of different media help him understand different points of view, needs and goals of users and founders. It also allows him to have a broader view of the products and services ecosystem and to apply strategic thinking to the solutions, investigating the user experience from end to end, from the moment users get aware of the product to their continued relationship.

When Alex is not designing you can find him surfing locally or hunting perfect waves around the globe. When the ocean is flat – unlike the Earth – Alex will be enjoying a good time with his friends at Sydney’s trendiest bars or over a good Brazilian barbecue. Alex also has a keen interest in music and literature.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Shapeshifting. I could turn into any animal I want and see things through their perspective