Driven by solving complex user problems through every day user interactions...

Bianca has been passionate about designing and creating things since day one. Her journey first started when her cousin introduced her to coding when she was in high school. This lead her to study Graphic Design which landed her a web design job and over time growing her experience and passion for design, this lead her into UX design.

Bianca is driven by solving complex user problems through every day user interactions, through user journeys, wireframes and user interface design.

She is inspired to be working closely with such passionate founders. She said that working on a start up is an incentive enough, but working with incredibly talented people and being a part of something huge is something even bigger.

Outside of work, Bianca is a wife to an incredible husband and a mother to a very active baby boy! Creating a successful career so that she can set her child’s life up is Bianca’s main motivation in creating a great career.

When the night starts to roll in Bianca puts her creative mind to work and likes to design kids decor posters, while drinking a glass of the finest Shiraz.

We seem to think when her full length biography get’s written, it will be called ‘It’s just Bee’.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?'

"Telekineis - Would just be cool to move everything and anything with your mind. Your mind is the most powerful thing."