Good design tells a story

Growing up Lucie always had a passion for digital technologies, a strong eye for detail and a love of insects. All of this combined with her devotion to help others and solve problems drives her passion for design even further.

Lucie enjoys collaborating with a diverse range of people and working together to resolve complex issues. She believes that good design is not only a function of empathy but an act of courage. Lucie feels it is important to not only understand a users needs but the ideal conditions required to optimise their overall experience. Relatedness, competence and autonomy all drive self-determination and are key to crafting quality human centered design products.

Beyond work she loves exploring the city, sketching cutesy characters, playing cricket and geeking out over comic books.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

The ability to communicate with animals and nature. I would love to hear their perspective on life!