Turns pretty pictures into HTML and makes interfaces happen in Javascript...

Mick’s earliest memory of writing code was when he was 11 years old, writing little tunes in Commodore 64 basic. He always saw it as an art-form; a means to a very satisfying end. He has been at most facets of web development for 16 years.

He’s very much in the business of writing clean and maintainable code with the goal to create work which anybody (and I mean anybody) can read and understand. His main focus at BlueChilli is to turn pretty pictures into HTML and make interfaces happen in Javascript. He loves seeing an idea come to life and figuring out awesome ways to make it so.

Outside of work, he likes to dabble in music, play guitar and bass in a band and play a lot of sport. Most importantly, he loves to spend time with his kids.

If aliens invaded and in exchange for anything you want, offered you a position on their planet, what would you want?

I'd like to be "head of tourism" on their planet. Only because of the perks of course.