Mitch is an experienced front-end web developer specialising in JavaScript application development. His experience working with complex data driven API’s has helped to build some of Australia’s most exciting startups. His focus is on building front-end applications using React, Redux, Immutable.js and he has a keen interest in Functional Programming.

For a startup (or any company) to succeed online, there needs to be a partnership between design and code that provides the user with a great experience. Mitch is motivated by the ability to directly affect product development through facilitation of this partnership. All of his technical knowledge combined with a thorough understanding of product development, online marketing and a love of social media gives him the necessary tools to generate great ideas, effectively execute them and be a great product leader.

While Mitch has been doing front-end engineering and JavaScript development for a while now, he has previously co-founded a music startup, Swarmmer. His background in working in early stage startups would be beneficial for many companies.

When not at BlueChilli, Mitch can be found outside, covered in dirt, hiking or doing archery.

If aliens invaded and in exchange for anything you want, offered you a position on their planet, what would you want?

I love to travel, I'd just be happy if they took me with them! ...and maybe made me their leader.