Seow Hui Hong drives the delivery of the BlueChilli HealthTech Accelerator in Southeast Asia. She pulls together various stakeholders in the ecosystem and BlueChilli’s in-house capabilities to see to a successful programme - building globally scalable HealthTech startups with founders and partners who are deeply relevant to problems worth solving.

Hui Hong had pursued innovation and entrepreneurship in diverse settings from building digital media startups to the founding of companies with public service character, SG Enable and Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (raiSE), to enhance ecosystem support and scale impact from the ground up. She is an avid innovation practitioner who has designed and implemented service pilots with community and healthcare organisations and supported the development of early-stage startups using a human-centered design approach. Her stints in public policy making in the social and economic domains have developed her intuition in taking a systems approach to problem solving and building solutions to scale.

Hui Hong has also been active in the healthcare innovation space, working with a Singapore-based company to transform their active aging and senior care business for scale and collaborating with a Brisbane-based startup team to commercialise their medical device.